Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Coming Apocalypse

Apocalypse Culture and Apocalypse Culture II are two highly prized books in my library. With a variety of writers (who are of varying skill levels), these two volumes cover secret societies, conspiracies, cannibalism, sex crimes, necrophilia, child pornography in the media, cloning Jesus through his foreskin, and so on. Outrageous theories are presented and defended. Mores investigated and dissected. Ideas postulated. And it is all very fascinating.

Like a lot of books I enjoy, these two books have a limited audience. The easily offended and distracted will do themselves a favor by staying away from them. Even the most open minded reader will probably find some of the pieces challenging on a moralistic level. That's what makes the books so intriguing. They are unlike almost anything you've ever read before.

Adam Parfrey, the editor of these books, is no stranger to devotees of obscure subject matter. . Nor is publisher Feral House an unknown entity in the realms of the unusual. It's a good combination, and anyone who gets that has probably already read these books. If you haven't, well, you know the drill.

If, on the other hand, the idea of having your ideals and beliefs taken into question fills you with a sense of unease, you need to stick with reading something more your speed. Perhaps Bill O'Reilly's book, or those teen vampire novels.

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