Monday, January 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland, Meet the Living Dead

I'm sure people are looking forward to the Living Dead Dolls in Wonderland book coming out soon. You can read a piece I did for Associated Content on this here:
The Living Dead Invade Wonderland

Mixing creepy dolls with a timeless story is a good way to move product, but this book is more than just another unit. It's made as a collectible, and I think it will do well. Book collectors will want it due to its rarity. Living Dead Doll fans will want it. Alice fans will want it, too. Lots of crossover appeal here. Will I buy it? No. It's too much money for too few pages, and I'm not a huge fan of the properties, though the dolls are cool, and I have a few.

The story of Alice and Wonderland is a classic, and it's enjoyed by all sorts of different people. In fact, I think it's the one story loved by literature fiends and LSD addicts. I can't think of another story that has the same type of appeal. The upcoming Tim Burton film will only help things in this regard.

If creepy dolls in classic stories are your thing, I imagine you'll grab this book quicker than you can say, "Depp rules!" You're gonna have to be quick, though. There's less than 2,000 first editions being printed. If you don't care about what edition you get, though, you may get lucky and Mezco, the company putting it out, will do a second printing. If not, well, enjoy the high prices on eBay

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