Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Cannibal Manuscript

No word yet on the manuscript I sent out. I can't tell if that is good or bad. Based on timelines given, I should be hearing from the publisher any day now. I continue to fear that the manuscript's length will be a problem.

I don't expect the publisher to take it. I never do. When you write, rejection is the status quo. However, I would be thrilled if I was wrong for once. Perhaps rejection would be best, too, as I would wind up shopping it around to other publishers who may give me better opportunities.

Horror is not a hard sell, but good horror is. Right now it seems like publishers all want teen vampire love stories or women who cavort with werewolves. This is not horror. This is soap opera with horror elements. Backwoods cannibals who terrorize a family is not sexy. It won't attract the teen crowd to read it or see a movie made of it. It is bloody and brutal, and there isn't a good ending that leaves the reader filled with hope. There are no funny or romantic moments.

That's where I think most of my problems will come from.

I know it is written well. I'm sure there are places it needs editing beyond me. I am fine with that. I just don't want rejection (again) because it is too depressing or dark. That will put me over the edge with this thing, and I may just beat up the first Twilight fan I come across.

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