Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Memories of Private Parts

I used to be a Howard Stern fan (not that I am not a fan anymore, I just don't have access to his show).  I've always respected and supported his battles with the FCC, and while I haven't always agreed with what he's said, I've always supported his right to say it.

When Private Parts came out I was in Southern California, biding my time until I could move to Northern California and get the hell away from all the plastic viruses that make up Los Angeles and its outskirts. 

When that fateful day finally arrived, I got into the back of my aunt's car, and away we went, though I was given a gift for the ride.

Howard Stern's book was devoured on that car trip.  Cover to cover I read it and laughed aloud countless times.  (I haven't read it in years, but I seem to recall a passage about cutting Juliette Lewis' head off, which I'm all for.)  It was funny, and it was well-written.  And let's not forget compelling.  It was Stern's life laid bare; the ultimate underdog story.

Stern's life since then has had its ups and downs.  I remember actually being quite sad when I heard his marriage was ending, though I suppose it was only a matter of time.  Thinking back those memories makes me want to read the book again, though I just watched the movie again recently, so it will be some time before I turn back to it.

Say what you want about Stern (and plenty have).  He taps into something with people.  He is offensive, rude and often talks out his ass, but he is also truthful and unflinching.  He says things most people would never even think of, and he pushes people to their limits.  As a free speech junkie, I applaud that sort of action.  As a writer, I appreciate it.

If I could publish a book that sold half as many copies as Stern's book did, I'd be a happy man.  If I could fuck with the FCC as much as he did, I'd die with a smile on my face.

You may hate him, but what have you done?

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