Sunday, April 17, 2011

Letters from George 8

Here is another letter from revenge author George Hayduke.  If you haven't read any of his books like Mayhem, you need to know that while some of his revenge techniques are simply annoying, some can cause harm.  That means: Use them wisely!  George opens the letter by commenting on a tape of prank calls I sent him.

Hi Doug,

Thanks for writing and for the tape.  I will take it along on a trip I am taking soon.  I am sure it will amuse and amaze me.  And, no I don't have any prank call tapes.  Some of the radio stations around here play them once in a while.  I always thought they were commercial in nature.

Did I sent you a photo?  If you're doing an interview for publication I could send you a picture for your artist to use.  I forget if I already [did] so.  Anyway ... here is another or one ... whatever.  My mind is slipping.

The legend at the bottom of this page [Oderint, Dum, Metuant] means: Let Them Hate So Long as They Fear.  It's old German.  I'll be thrilled to see your 'zine #8.  Seriously, I will be.

Hope you had a Happy Holiday!!

Cheers, George

I did do an interview with him that I will republish someday.  As mentioned before, I have since lost touch with him.

Mandatory FTC Disclaimer:  Clicking on the affiliate link and buying something may get me a small commission.  If you buy that book, you'll have ideas with what to do with the FTC.

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