Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Right to Be Lazy: More Fun From AK Press

AK Press, enemy of stodgy, narrow-minded rightwing nutters everywhere announced some of its upcoming books a few days ago.  Good stuff is coming.  Being a Friend of AK Press, I'll be getting my mitts on these soon enough.  The rest of you have to order them.  Two of the most anticipated ones for myself are The Right to Be Lazy and Marshall Law: The Life and Times of a Baltimore Black Panther

The Right to Be Lazy is being released with legendary publisher Charles H. Kerr (around 125 years and still pissing people off), and features a revised edition of the original English translation.  I don't have a copy of the original book, so finding out that one was coming my way brought a smile to my face.  The bigger smile was reserved for Marshall Law, however.

The Black Panther Party fascinates me.  Armed black men giving out free breakfasts sounds like every white person's biggest nightmare.  ("Oh, God!  They're organizing!")  Doing so with a political agenda sounds like Washington's biggest nightmare.  (And those Tea Party Parrots think Obama is bad.  Imagine having a Black Panther in the White House.  Shit, I'd vote for him or her, and I don't vote for leaders.)  This look at Eddie Conway's life behind bars after being falsely imprisoned for killing a cop is going to be interesting stuff.  Attempted escapes.  Labor organizing.  Militancy.  You name it, it should be covered here. 

There are other titles, of course.  AK Press always does other titles, too.  These two stand out, though.  They take the proverbial anarchist cake.  While the rest of the population is reading Danielle Steele at the beach, I'll be reading about Conway's exploits while sticking it to The Man.

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