Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Letters From George 9

As revenge has been on mind quite a bit as of late, I thought it was time to visit some more of the correspondence between one of the revenge masters, George Hayduke, and myself.  This letter came prior to the publication of my interview with the author, an all around good guy and a bit of a maniac.  Enjoy.

Hi Doug,

My friend, you get great fliers, you really do.  Anyway, it was [sic] doing the interview with you.  As I said, sorry I couldn't drop you a note, but I had your letter with me and just decided to call you while I was enroute home.  I sure hope the interview was useful to you.

Thanks again for the attention and the kind comments ... be glad to see what you did with your interview of me.  [At this point in the typewritten letter he drew an arrow in ink and wrote "as in send me a copy of whatever."]  And, you did a grand job.  I have had some truly silly clusterfucks from some self-styled professionals.

Take care ...

Cheers, George.

I've been told by more than one person that I conduct some great interviews.  I've interviewed everyone from various bands, to dominatrixes, to zoophiles, to flat tax proponents, to actors, to strippers.  They've all been pretty fascinating.  Hayduke was one of the more fun ones just because of our correspondence prior to the interview.  I had read almost all his books by the time I chatted with him, and if you've read any of them (like Righteous Revenge), you know how interesting an interview with him could be.  Hell, I could of done an entire interview on just his friends.

More letters later.

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